Riot Shift - Dystopia 2023

MAIN STYLES Exclusive Live Act BIOGRAPHY Riot Shift are taking you on a journey through a post-apocalyptic wasteland, where their explosive sound and intense visuals will leave you speechless. Welcome to DYSTOPIA. During this electrifying 30-minute live show, Riot Shift are showcasing new and unreleased music, exclusive live edits and collaborations in a fast-paced set […]


Dual Damage 2024

MAIN STYLES Raw Hardstyle – With Extra KLOENK BIOGRAPHY Dual Damage, the dynamic duo consisting of of Thijs Rooijakkers and Jesper Habraken, completely dominated the hardstyle scene in 2023 and in stead of slowing it down, they are set to elevate the intensity even further in 2024! Renowned for their fusion of unique and extreme […]


Dj Element 2024

MAIN STYLES Raw Hardstyle BIOGRAPHY A rough signature sound combined with relentless energy left a mark at every single Element show. The mulletman has proven time and time again that his place in the scene was rightfully conquered by firing his authentic sounds upon the crowd while fulfilling the role of unique on-stage persona. Having […]



MAIN STYLES Hardstyle BIOGRAPHY Firelite’s stock has risen faster than a NASA rocket. It’s clear to see this young gun was born with music in his veins. Playing musical instruments and studying the language of music from an early age helped kickstart this producers career at only 12 years old. After falling in love with […]



MAIN STYLES Raw Hardstyle BIOGRAPHY Luminite is one of the only artists who belongs to the avant-garde of Hardstyle music. With every track he guarantees a new inventive and innovative way of getting people moving. Luminite’s promise to all his fans is that he will “never make a generic track ever again. Every single one […]



MAIN STYLES Industrial Hardstyle / Hardcore BIOGRAPHY From the darkest depths of the underground, Kruelty is here to bring you an uncompromising blend of Hardstyle, hard techno and industrial hardcore. Hard hitting and heavy hard dance music is what empowers this sinister dark being. Kruelty, the faceless entity, recently brought destruction to big festival stages […]


Riot Shift x Limitless Agency 2023

MAIN STYLESHeavy Hardstyle BIOGRAPHYRiot Shift, a.k.a. Ole Baehr and Connor Kratz are delivering new vibes to the Hard Dance scene non-stop. The melding of Hardstyle, Trap metal and Pop Punk defines their style and mesmerizes any crowd that witnesses a performance by this German duo. Riot Shift do not only produce their tracks but also […]



MAIN STYLES Trance, Techno and Hardstyle – Maximum energy by true passion Available for LIVE, Trance, Techno, Hardstyle and Classic sets BIOGRAPHY For numerous years, the renowned Dutch artist Dj Thera has been a force in the music scene. With an impressive discography consisting of 5 albums and over 250 single releases, this seasoned musician […]



MAIN STYLES Puzzy Core – Hard Sexy Music BIOGRAPHY GPF aka The Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz aka The Piep Kings are the most unique, sweatiest and hardest actin the scene. Their music, which usually is released on their own label, Greazy Recordz, promises to shock and surprise the listener with their signature pieps, edgy but fun […]


Aversion 2024

MAIN STYLES Hardstyle – Pure & Untamed BIOGRAPHY Aversion is the highly energetic fastest rising star in the world of hardstyle music. His sound is best described as an energetic melodic force that has drive and energy. Effectively bridging the gap between Raw and Euphoric, making pure untamed Hardstyle. When he experimented with producing in 2017, […]