Aversion 2024

Hardstyle – Pure & Untamed


Aversion is the highly energetic fastest rising star in the world of hardstyle music. His sound is best described as an energetic melodic force that has drive and energy. Effectively bridging the gap between Raw and Euphoric, making pure untamed Hardstyle.

When he experimented with producing in 2017, he got the chance to release his first track with Theracords, everything fell into place pretty rapidly and the true Aversion sound was born. He has been releasing consistently ever since including doing guest releases on labels such as Scantraxx, End of Line Recordings and Gearbox. He is known for tracks like ‘Valhalla’ (with Imperatorz), The Dream, Darkside (with Unresolved) and recently dropped his number one hit ‘Activation’ which hit the number one spot at hardstyle.com and gets played at every hardstyle event this summer.

He’s been touring all over the world and bringing high energy performances, including countries like Chile, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Germany and of course The Netherlands. With key performances at the most respective Hard Dance events on the globe like Defqon.1 Festival, Decibel Outdoor, Intents Festival, Electric Love Festival, Rebirth Festival and Shockerz Aversion is cementing his place as an A-list star in the industry.

Fans eagerly anticipate what he has in store for the future, as he continues to evolve and innovate within the Hardstyle scene.

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