Dr Donk 2024

Unique Uptempo Science


Step into The Clinic and prepare to undergo a transformative experience as you become Dr. Donk’s test subject. His unique approach might not be gentle, but it promises to leave a lasting impression.

With a knack for delivering heavy and impactful beats, Dr. Donk has captivated audiences across Germany. Whether he’s energizing the crowd at Bootshaus or setting the stage on fire for GPF’s sold-out Piepshow, this 24-year-old artist from Cologne has firmly established himself in the German uptempo scene.

Driven by his passion for music, Dr. Donk’s performances are electrifying and unforgettable. He’s constantly pushing boundaries, infusing every set with his signature style. Get ready to join the ride because Dr. Donk is here to stay, bringing his unique brand of energy to audiences everywhere.