Raw Hardstyle


Luminite is one of the only artists who belongs to the avant-garde of Hardstyle music. With every track he guarantees a new inventive and innovative way of getting people moving. Luminite’s promise to all his fans is that he will “never make a generic track ever again. Every single one will be experimental, unique and out of the box”. This is a truly inspirational and refreshing promise in a scene so cluttered by generic sounds.

This forward thinking frame of mind has gained him a lot of dedicated fans which include a host of a-list artists including Rooler, Sickmode, Regain, Aversion, Thyron, Mutilator, Fraw and many more.

Luminite trademarks his performances with an insane dose of energy and pumping hard tracks, hearing a live set from this man is a truly special and never-to-be-forgotten experience when he drops hits such as ‘Loud Noises’, ‘Bass ‘Criminal’, ‘Metal & Blood’, ‘Dynamite Soul’ and his latest single ‘Killzone’. Bringing a high-end and synchronised kick-rolling show every time that he steps on the stage that will guaranteed make the crowd go wild.

He is one of those few artists who is capable of continuously pushing boundaries, leading the way to a more forward-thinking future of Hard Dance Music.