MAIN STYLES Frenchcore / Hardcore / Punk / Trap BIOGRAPHY As America’s first Frenchcore DJ and producer, Levenkhan is an acclaimed name around the USA and Europe for his incredibly unique style. With an early career in producing Hip-Hop for artists like Final Outlaw, Immortal Technique, Homeboy Sandman, Kemba (and more), as well as a […]



MAIN STYLES Hardstyle BIOGRAPHY Bas Janssen, better known as Thyron, has been a part of the Hardstyle scene from a very young age. Starting his journey as a 16-year-old teenager who didn’t like to perform on-stage and was clueless about the ways of the music industry, his path was set to become one of hard […]



MAIN STYLES (Raw) Hardstyle, (Industrial) Hardcore BIOGRAPHY From the darkest depths of the underground, Kruelty is here to bring you an uncompromising blend of Hardstyle, hard techno and industrial hardcore. Hard hitting and heavy hard dance music is what empowers this sinister dark entity. Being the latest addition to the main Theracords imprint, Kruelty takes […]



MAIN STYLESUptempo Hardcore – Naughty & Feminine BIOGRAPHY Mizz Behave, the mysterious uptempo Queen, is well-established within the hard dance scene. Her music, which is exclusively signed to Greazy Recordz, likes to takes influence from old school Hardcore tracks, with a harder, faster, modern and unique twist. Mizzy’s DJ sets are always heavy and full […]



MAIN STYLES Raw Hardstyle – Experimental, yet grainy BIOGRAPHY “Criminal Mayhem” is the alias of German-Italian artist and musician Riccardo Fortunato, comprising Raw Hardstyle music production and performance. Putting emphasis on the texture of his sound, cresting expressive atmospheres and noises, Criminal Mayhem’s music can be characterised as experimental and grainy. Making use of dark […]



MAIN STYLES Heavy Hardstyle – As raw as possible. BIOGRAPHY Riot Shift, a.k.a. Ole Baehr and Connor Kratz are delivering new vibes to the Hard Dance scene non-stop. The melding of Hardstyle, Trap metal and Heavy metal defines their style and mesmerises any crowd that witnesses a performance by this German duo. Riot Shift do […]



MAIN STYLES All Harder Styles – Maximum energy created by true passion Available for LIVE, Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Classics, (Hard)Trance and Hardcore sets! BIOGRAPHY Diversity is key for Dj Thera. The Dutch legendary harder styles artist offers something unique as an artist. Without compromising, he creates musical expressions as passion and distinguishes himself through his impressive […]



MAIN STYLES Puzzy Core – Hard Sexy Music BIOGRAPHY GPF aka The Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz aka The Piep Kings are the most unique, sweatiest and hardest actin the scene. Their music, which usually is released on their own label, Greazy Recordz, promises to shock and surprise the listener with their signature pieps, edgy but fun […]



MAIN STYLES Raw Hardstyle – Master of Piep BIOGRAPHY The Bearded Badboy, otherwise known as Caine, is the Scottish stage destroyer. Party, dark and melodic tracks – Caine can do it all. There’s 1 guarantee with every piece of music, and that is that the kicks will be nothing short of destructive. Caine is a […]



MAIN STYLES Hardstyle – Pure & Untamed BIOGRAPHY Aversion was introduced to the world of Hardstyle at the young age of 14, due in part to his older brothers love for the music. He would watch the aftermovies of Qlimax and Defqon.1 and be amazed by the feeling and energy that came from them. He […]