Frenchcore / Hardcore / Punk / Trap

As America’s first Frenchcore DJ and producer, Levenkhan is an acclaimed name around the USA and Europe for his incredibly unique style. With an early career in producing Hip-Hop for artists like Final Outlaw, Immortal Technique, Homeboy Sandman, Kemba (and more), as well as a extreme passion for classical music, he has been able to craft his own unique style within the genre to define himself.

His unique style has led to releases such as “Dying Light” with Frenchcore pioneer Mr. Ivex, his remix of “Terror Squad” by Tim Shopp, and many others. Being the first American artist to ever release on Peacock Records, and other labels such as RSLVD Records, he has gained support from critically acclaimed artists such as K?D, Sefa, Mr. Ivex, Unresolved, Sprinky (and many more) and his tracks have been heard on stages like Dominator, Masters of Hardcore and others.

With performances at stages across the USA and even Europe even (including a BKJN Private Party), Levenkhan is sure to be in your city soon and you will not want to miss him!