Early Hardstyle, Raw Classics – The Ultimate Classic Hardstyle Experience

Since the beginning of Theracords, Dutch diverse artists Dj Thera and Geck-o have found each other in their love for Oldskool Hardstyle. Being completely openminded in music and blessed with amazing dj skills, the combination of these two great artists on stage is simply unmatched. The energy, positive vibes, and true passion just blasts from the stage to the crowd which makes Dj Thera vs Geck-o the ultimate classic Hardstyle experience.

Production-wise both artists produced loads of epic solo tracks that nowadays are seen as true classics, like Geck-o’s “Soul Train“, “It’s What We Are” and “Assquake” and Dj Thera’s “It’s A Fine Day“, “Stash” and “Doggystyle“. Together they are responsible for loads of collaboration tracks as well. Tracks like “Do The Happy Face” and “Trespassing” have laid the foundation for Raw Hardstyle and are still regularly played at events worldwide.