GPF x J1zzy


GPF x J1zzy presents CUMIKAZE [LIVE]

The God of Greaze and J1zzy have recently bonded as one unit of beauty to present you the hottest and sweatiest album of the century: Cumikaze. It’s only fair to the people of the world that they are given the chance to see, feel and taste the most insane, unique, juice-filled and sexy act live act in the flesh, instead of pulling their pecker whilst listening to the Spotify stream in the darkness of their childhood bedroom. This is the wettest 4D show that you’ll ever experience which will include your ears being blessed with J1izzy’s magical tongue gently spraying out the Cumicaze lyrics, your eyes glued to Mr. Greazy’s choreographed and well polished dance moves, your mouth chewing the thick bodily fluid dripping from the ceiling and your nose inhaling the musky armpit smog of the hairy nude man next to you.

GPF & J1zzy Presents: Cumikaze Live is going to blow your sweaty socks off. Prepare to be remotely milked.