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Raw Hardstyle – Experimental, yet grainy

“Criminal Mayhem” is the alias of German-Italian artist and musician Riccardo Fortunato, comprising Raw Hardstyle music production and performance. Putting emphasis on the texture of his sound, cresting expressive atmospheres and noises, Criminal Mayhem’s music can be characterised as experimental and grainy. Making use of dark ambiences and heavy pounding granular kicks and having his music heard on the biggest festival grounds of the scene already, Criminal Mayhem is well known for the sonic worlds created within his music. A big part of Criminal Mayhem’s artistic practice is to take in almost all kinds of music, trying to be untouched or influenced by other artists of his field, while being greatly inspired by serial composers of the 20th century. Next to that, Criminal Mayhem creates energetic performances full of contrast, that take the audience on a journey through his distinct world of music.

More info: criminalmayhem.com

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